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David Farnsworth

David Christian Farnsworth was born to American parents in Mexico City, while his father was working there for the United States Government. He was raised in Arizona and, after earning his degree, spent most of his life in various entrepreneurial endeavors and owning several businesses. Even while taking care of his family and running businesses, his greatest passion has been the fight for our individual liberties and to preserve the Constitution of this great republic.



David Farnsworth is an outstanding individual who has shown great courage in representing the wonderful people of Arizona!

He has fought tirelessly on the 2020 Presidential Election Fraud Scandal, the open and poisonous Southern Border, for our totally under siege Second Amendment, our Military, our Vets, Tax and Regulation Cuts, and so many other things important to the people of the State that he so loves, and is a True Patriot, and has risked it all for his love of our Country and its Constitution.

David Farnsworth is going against a longtime political operative, or hack, Rusty Bowers, who has been an absolute disaster for Arizona and everything which Arizona Values represent. Bowers fought Election Integrity harder than any Democrat, or even the RINO Commissioners of Maricopa County. In fact, the RINOs of the State, headed by Bowers and his group, were far worse than the Democrats because you never knew where they were coming from. Bowers must be defeated, and highly respected David Farnsworth is the man to do it. He will straighten things out and secure your Border (just as we had, when I was President, the most secure Southern Border in the history of our Country, only two short years ago!).

This is a very important race because it will determine the future of Arizona, which is now on the precipice of disaster, with illegal aliens pouring in at every level and voters, through massive voter fraud and irregularities, losing their VOICE. David Farnsworth will get rid of the stench of Rusty Bowers and his crew of RINOs who are systematically destroying everything that Arizona stands for. He is a puppet of Governor Doug Ducey, a man who was totally afraid to act on so many important issues.

It is my great honor to state that former State Senator David Farnsworth has my Complete and Total Endorsement for State Senate in Arizona Legislative District 10!

- President Donald J. Trump


Secure Borders

Safe Communities


Pro-Election Integrity

Pro-School Choice

100% Pro-Life

Pro-Religious Freedom

Fiscally Conservative

Pro-Second Amendment

Fighting Inflation

PO Box 1776, MESA, AZ 85215